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Our planet, our future!

One of the children has written a beautiful poem about trees and the environment.


Beyond this tree

A secret lies beyond this tree,
A secret that’s for you and me,
Among those many leaves and branches,
It creates the oxygen we breath,
So we better keep it healthy.


A secret lies beyond this tree,
Not always that we may like to see,
Like photosynthesis as this may be,
It helps the leaves and make them green.


A secret lies beyond this tree,
Not on top but underneath,
It has little straws called roots you see,
They drag the water up the trunk,
And makes the tree all strong.


Yet destruction lies beyond this tree,
Not that many of us will see,
Please do not think this is the only tree,
This terrible fate lies among a thousand others.


There is a dream a hope,
If we join together to make a better a greener world…
We could start by recycling, litter picking,
creating eco-friendly packaging and using less of our black bins,

Just think for one second of a world with more trees,
More animals, enough food to go around…
And this all counts on saving trees.


It all starts with one choice.

Chloe Gilbey, age 10
15th January 2017