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PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education and is a planned programme to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and communities.


PSHE helps pupil develop the knowledge; skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and make positive choices. We use Coram Life to plan our PSHE programme. You will find a link to an information leaflet with more details below.


At St Bartholomew School we aim to enable children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We encourage all our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community through school councils, fund raising events, supporting nominated charities and involvement in community activities.

Coram life bus visit. - 1st October 


We are excited for the Coram life bus to visit us at St Bartholomew School.The children will visit the bus in their classes please see the topic focus below for each class.


Class 1: All about me.

Class 2: Feelings.

Class 3: It's great to be me.

Class 4: Decisions.


There is also an opportunity for parents and carers to visit the bus at 2:50. Please come along to have a look at what your children have been up to on their class visit and to find out more about coram life and the PSHE programme we follow.