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Class 4

Class 4 were asked to LEARN to draw their own silly self-portrait. 

Class 4's Silly Self Portraits

These are some comments of how the children felt when they did their pictures...


"I felt very proud of how well I did."


"It makes me feel happy that i have taken the time and effort to do this."


"I'm proud of myself and I don''t think i could have done it better and it made me smile."


"My picture makes me laugh and I am proud of it."


I feel calm


"It made me feel happy because I was proud of what I did."


"This best bit is my Arsenal l shirt. It made me laugh drawing it. It looks like me!"


"My picture shows me with my x box. My eyes and hair look funny."


"I feel proud of them and I really like them."


"I felt very proud of how well I did and I really like pink and love hearts."


"I have learned how to tame my birds and get them to go on my finger. I feel happy and proud."


"My picture makes me feel happy because I have put Arsenal on my shirt."