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We have written some short paragraphs about the snow!!


Our short paragraphs



Sledging is so much fun so I was thrilled to see the snow.  I got dressed as  fast as lightning.  After I got my shoes and coats on, which were pink and black, we headed into the woods.  I love sledging! Sliding down the slippery slope was very exhilarating.  We will be going sledging again soon.




Jumping on the trampoline, me and Jess made the snow go flying. The fluffy white snow, which was freezing to the touch, crumbled into tiny pieces. I love snow! I especially love the way it glistens in the light. I must remember to wear my gloves - it gets freezing!




The fluffy , white snow falling on the lonely valley that's filled with ghost white trees. The beautiful yellow horizon creeping through the gaps in the trees. The icicles shimmer as the sun hits them. The snow gleams sparkling white as it melts happily. The sun glows. It's as warm as a fireplace on a cold winter's night.



Falling slowly as graceful as a swan, snow filled the gardens. The beautiful birds, who were looking for food, hopped around in the soft cold snow. It was deep. When it's cold most birds (not all of them) would fly south towards the equator. In excitement children played and built snowmen outside.




Falling gently onto the garden floor was a snowflake accompanied by other snowflakes.

The snowflake colour was a brilliant white like a pint of milk. A boy who was all raped up in warm clothes dashed outside to play in the snow. Suddenly, he tripped. He was now alert and did not trip anymore. He looked down at the ground of snow and wondered should I build a snowman?




Running outside I dashed as the snow fell to the ground. The snow was like a furry fluffy blanket. My mum ,who is very kind, came outside to build a snowman with me. I loved it. I went to the park it was amazing there was loads of snow. I should have built a snowman but I forgot too!





When it snowed I got really excited because it has not snowed in ages. So I wanted to go sledding all day but my mum and dad were not up for it. But I begged enough and they said “we will go later” .But sledding was bad because I fell of my sled and scraped my whole face on the grown and I had a massive headache. But it was okay because i built a massive snowman, the snow was not the best because I don't live in Wigginton.  


Take a look at our poetry. We went on a poetry journey and these are the begining and final piece of some of our work. Enjoy!


My Poem darkness


The maze of terror.

The house of horror. 

The living room of light .        

The street of night.

The forest of boredom. 

The sky of doom.


And now with edits


The marvellous maze of trembling terror.

The hideous house of haunted horror.

The lovely living room of lazy light.

The strange street of nauseating night.

The frightening forest of bleak boredom.

The shrieking sky of drenching doom. 



By Alice


My Poem


The house of happiness

The lake of love

The jungle of joy

The kitchen of kindness

The entrance of excitement

The planet of passion

The cave of curiosity

The pond of pride

The treehouse of truth

The attic of adventure  


And now with edits


As she entered the house of happiness

A deep warm glow spread through her heart, filling her with joy


Passing under the grand entrance of excitement

The archway ignited a flame of anticipation for what may come next


Inside the busy, bustling kitchen of kindness

People helping each other, cooking comfort and stirring sympathy   


Relaxing in the cosy lounge of love

With overstuffed sofas, colourful beanbags and beautifully stitched cushions


Falling asleep in the bedroom of bravery

Dreaming of defeating dangerous dragons and doing daring deeds


Clambering into the attic of adventure

Full of nooks and crannies and untold mystery that sparks a glimmer of eagerness



And also this one… I love the juxtaposition…


I Got Lost


I got lost in the shadow of light and couldn’t see a thing

I got lost on the iceberg of heat and was almost burnt to a crisp

I got lost in the maze of mayhem while running from a troll

I got lost under the sea of sympathy because I was too sad to escape 

I got lost on the planet of passion when I was distracted by an alien

I got lost in the treehouse of truth searching for some treasure

I got lost in the cave of curiosity while wondering what was inside


By Clara


My Poem


The haunted house

The garden of ghosts
The hallway to hell
The dining room of doom

The lounge of limbs

The cursed kitchen

The stairs to your nightmares

The bathroom of brains

The 3 bedrooms of bravery

The attic of adventure


And now with edits


I hurriedly walked to the haunted house of horrors

Through the gloomy garden of ghosts

The hallway to hell, hmm, what’s that smell?

Past the dining room of doom, that looks more like a tomb.

Looking into the lounge of limbs, did that arm just move? I don’t like it here

Moving on to the cursed kitchen, complete with a cauldron 

Up the stairs to your nightmares, I dare you to sleep here

A bathroom of brains, but not very smart

The 3 bedrooms of bravery, Get ready for battle

The attic of adventure is waiting for you.


And finally…


On the sea of silence a sailor would sail,

On the sea of silence no waves to be seen,

On the sea of silence seagulls don’t squawk,

On the sea of silence no fish seen swimming,

On the sea of silence where are the wales,

On the sea of silence where are the crabs? 


By Caitlyn


My Poem

The school of secrets, 

The willow tree of whispers,

The forest of fear,

The hills of happiness,

The well of wishes,

The tower of tears,

The sea of silence.             

And now with edits…

The happy home of strong hope,

The heavenly castle of everlasting peace,

The magical mountains of growing evil,

The beautiful, vast hills of kindness,

The amazing school of inspiring friendship.


And then this one…


The well of wishes, where fairs flutter all around you,                        

the well of wishes where dreams come true,                                        

the well of wishes where only people who believe will seek the fairy tale to be told,                                                                               

the well of wishes where only some may enter.

The forest of fear is where evil lives,                                                 

the forest of fear from where many have not returned,                                

the forest of fear where thick, frosty fog lurks,                                             

the forest of fear where you are advised not to go.                 


By Alannah




The cow of cowering

The city of kindness

The living room of boredom

The t-rex of tiredness

The cow of cowering

The snail of sadness

The juggler of joy


And this one…

The dragon of life smelt the fear inside him,

The dragon of life is home to hope,

The dragon of life wants you to be his friend,

The dragon of life can help you out.


By Monty


My Poem


The Disco of Dreams

You’ll be sure to give it esteem!

The cafe of confusion

You’ll fall into delusion!

The House of Happiness

It’ll make you speechless!

The Park of Positivity

Where there’s always an activity!

The Train of Trust

Go there? You must!


And now with edits


The divine disco of dreams

You’ll be sure to give it esteem!

The creative cafe of confusion

Where you’ll fall into delusion!

The house of heart-warming happiness

It’s sure to make you speechless!

The perfect park of positivity

Where there’s always an activity!

The train of terrific trust

Go there? You must!




When I was young and dreamed at nights, I saw the most amazing sights!

In the dungeon of doom, I saw a witch on a broom!

In the sea of ice, I saw a house made of rice!

In the desert of snow, I saw a terrible foe!


When I was young and dreamed at nights, I saw the most amazing sights!

In the cave of wonder, I saw coloured thunder!

In the waterfall of pain, I felt I’d never see sun again!

In the house of riddles, I saw cats playing fiddles!


When I was young and dreamed at nights, I saw the most amazing sights!

In the tunnel of love, I saw a black and white dove!

In the street of mercy, I saw someone with my purse-y!

In the end of course, I saw my beloved horse!


By Violet


My Poem

The Hill of Horror

The House of Hope

The City of Courage 

The Park of Peace

The World of Worry

By Amber


My Poem

The lion of fear 

The llama of curiosity

The horse of happiness

The frog of scaredness

The pig of anxiety

The tiger of generosity

The dog of elegance.




The lion 

The lion ran round the jungle

Not eating a heartbeat

The lion of care, did not make a sound…

The lion of care ,did not like bugs …

The lion of care ,could not find his friend 

The lion of care ,was not hungry any more...


By Freddie


My final edit

I adventure into the hallway of hope,


I tiptoe past the office of opinion,


To seek food from the kitchen of kindness,


The lounge of cosiness calls me to relax,


While the bedroom of dreams floats my head,


The spray of the shower of singing awakes me,


As the loft of laughter comforts me with happiness.





The burning snow of winter


The burning snow of winter awoke me from my slumber

The burning snow of winter made me feel alive

The burning snow of winter is so much fun to play in

The burning snow of winter is fun when it arrives. 


By Barnaby