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Any act of kindness, no matter how small, can help you feel happier.


Ways to GIVE:

  • do something nice for your family or a friend
  • say thank you to someone who has helped you
  • give some food to a food bank
  • bake a cake for a neighbour
  • volunteer for extra responsibility at school 


Don't forget to be kind to yourself too! Taking care of ourselves is very important. Self-care is about taking time for yourself and doing positive things for your mind and body.


Ways to GIVE to yourself:

  • get an early night - getting enough sleep is so important
  • have some quiet time - read a book or cuddle a pet
  • listen to some music
  • help your mum or dad in the garden
  • try out some simple yoga poses or focus on your breathing
Take a look below to see how your friends at school have been trying to GIVE: