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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our governors' webpage.


The purpose of the Governing Body is to uphold the school's aim to create a caring Christian environment, where pupils feel valued and develop a life-long love of learning. 


Our school has strong links with St. Bartholomew's Church. The children often attend services at the church and the Reverend Jonathan comes into school every week to take assemblies, to speak with the children and to run the Thursday football club!


The governors themselves are a body of volunteers who support the school by providing executive and due diligence advice, challenge and support. In support of our excellent school staff, the main three roles of the governors are:


1. Strategy - to help ensure that the school has a clear vision and strategy.

2. Review - resources are managed well and the school is meeting its statutory duties

3. Ensure accountability for the quality of education - by receiving regular reports from the head, asking questions and making termly visits.


To work effectively, we link governors to a subject or a particular aspect of the school such as Special Education Needs and Disability or Early Years. These governors work on behalf of the whole governing body to gain detailed knowledge of their liked area and in supporting and challenging the subject co-ordinator to drive progress and new initiatives.


We are committed to listening to and understanding the views and needs of our pupils and their parents. Some of the ways that we do this are through annual parent questionnaires, annual pupil questionnaires and several informal coffee mornings/meetings throughout the year. These help us to gain the views of the whole school community and enable the community to contribute to the development of the school.


Contacting the Governors


All of the governors welcome your comments and questions and can be contacted at Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss any of the issues mentioned above. However, individual governors cannot provide an alternative route to voicing parental concerns. If you have a concern or a complaint which is specific to your child, your first port of call should be the class teacher. If the issue is of general concern, you should make this known to the Head teacher.


The minutes of the governors meetings are available from the school office.



Governors for 2019-2020

Name Category Appointing Body Committee Roles Term of office Pecuniary Interests
Sally Roycroft Head teacher   Head teacher 14/4/15 ongoing None
Liane Nakar Staff Governor Staff People and Curriculum Committee 1/9/19-31/8/23 None
Richard Burnell Foundation St Bartholomew's Parochial Church Council Chair of Governors 18/10/17-17/10/21 None
Rev Jonathan Gordon Foundation Ex-Officio People and Curriculum Committee 1/9/14 ongoing Jonathan is also a governor at St Mary's Primary School, Northchurch.
Barbara Burch Foundation St Bartholomew's Parochial Church Council Finance and Premises Committee 1/9/19-31/8/23 Barbara's husband does repair and maintenance jobs for the school.
Natalie Browne Foundation St Bartholomew's Parochial Church Council Chair of Finance and Premises Committee 18/10/17-17/10/21 None
Charis Geoghegan St Alban's DEC St Alban's Diocesan Education Committee Finance and Premises Committee 1/09/20-31/8/24 Interim head at Flamstead School
Steve Wilkinson Local Authority Local Education Authority Chair of People and Curriculum Committee 9/9/17-8/9/21 None
Deborah Simcock Parent Parents People and Curriculum Committee 20/9/17-19/9/21 None
Jennie Arthur Parent Parents People and Curriculum Committee 1/10/18-30/9/22 None
Mark Burrage St Alban's DEC St Alban's Diocesan Education Committee Finance and Premises Committee

16/11/18- 15/11/22

Vacancy Foundation St Bartholomew's Parochial Church Council      

Interests include governance roles in other educational institutions, business and financial interests, material interests arising from relationships between governors, or relationships between governors and school staff.


Governors attendance at meetings 2019-2020

Name FGB Meetings attended People and Curriculum committee Finance and Premises committee Position
Sally Roycroft 5/5 1/1 3/3 Headteacher
Richard Burnell 5/5 1/1 2/3 Chair of governors
Rev Jonathan Gordon 3/5 1/1 n/a Vice Chair of Governors
Barbara Burch 5/5 n/a 2/3  
Natalie Browne 5/5 n/a 3/3 Chair of F&P committee
Steve Wilkinson 5/5 1/1 n/a Chair of P&C committee
Deborah Simcock 5/5 1/1 n/a  
Jennie Arthur 5/5 0/1 n/a  
Mark Burrage 5/5 n/a 3/3  


Instrument of Governance


We have 2 committees.  They meet once per term.  One focuses on the people and curriculum of the school.  The other focuses on the finance and premises of the school.  Please see the work plans for these committees below.

People and curriculum committee work plan 2019-2020

Finance and premises committee work plan 2019-2020