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School council

Meet our school council!

We asked each of the school council children why they wanted to become a member of the school council. 


"I like helping teachers and helping my my friends when they're hurt." Erin


"I want school to be a fun environment for everyone, I want to arrange special days that everyone can enjoy." Isabelle 


"To help other people to persevere and to be a good role model." Alice


"To help people enjoy school and be happy at school. I want to be a good role model and help everyone in school." Magnus


"I like doing extra things in school, to help. I also like making cakes." Henry 




The school council wanted to raise some money in order to support Children in Need. They worked very hard making 120 cakes for all the children in the school. They enjoyed handing them out at break time.



We support the DENS

The school council would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for supporting us in our collection for the local homeless charity the DENS.

We were able to donate lots of items to the DENS which no doubt would have meant a great deal for those in need.