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Wraparound Care Provision




We are offering a safe and stimulating environment for children to come to after school and before heading home. Our aim is to create fun and laughter whilst offering a variety of extended learning opportunities for all children of St Bartholomew’s School.


For the first hour the children can choose from the following options; physical activities to support gross motor development, colouring, Lego and board games which help children to learn to share, take turns and build social skills with children of all ages. This also helps our younger children to refine fine motor skills. They can use iPads or chrome books to access maths apps and specific games that help to further develop IT skills. Reading books are always available from the library and help is on hand should they need support with their homework. We have a selection of educational programmes if your child wishes to watch them. There are also opportunities for arts and crafts activities which are regularly linked to seasonal events including various religious celebrations.


Children attending before school will be given a breakfast of cereals, toast and fruit. Children staying until 4.30pm will be offered a fruit snack and those staying after 4.30pm will be given a light snack which is balanced to ensure that this is healthy and nutritious. Examples include pittas with vegetables sticks and dips, fruit and a choice of drinks.


After eating and depending on the weather, we take the children out to the playground where they can develop their physical development on the outside climbing equipment including the activity trail, or play a variety of sports such as football, basketball or tennis which help build team skills. If the children are inside they can use some gym equipment in the hall and participate in various PE on line sports options such as ‘just dance’ which is very popular and great for getting children active.

If you have any queries or to book a place in the after school provision please contact the school office who will be happy to advise you of the process and give you the necessary paperwork.



7.45am – 8.45am: £5.00 a session

3.15pm - 4.30pm: £5.00 a session

3.15 pm - 5.00pm: £7.50 a session

4.15pm – 5.00pm: £4.50 a session (after clubs)


Late fee - £2.50 for up to 15 minutes and £2.50 each 15 minutes thereafter.


Payment conditions – payment is required in advance of attendance, this can be weekly, monthly or termly, dependant on financial situations. Payment must be made through the school gateway. If you would prefer to pay using cash, we can provide you with a QR code to take to a PayPoint outlet. The wraparound provision policy is located here on our website, however, further information can be obtained from the school office.


Booking Form - Anyone attending the provision must complete the booking form before starting at the setting. This must be completed for each academic year. Thereafter we ask you to make any ad-hoc bookings via the Google form below. Ad-hoc bookings and cancellations must be made by 2.30pm the day before the required day to ensure we have time to plan the correct levels of staffing.

Cancellations can be made by emailing: