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Class 2

Symmetry and volume.

Lots of fun maths - volume and planning holidays with my big sister!

Games and puzzles and a food diary - looks lots of fun!

Fun with volume!

Experimenting with volume and capacity, Lego and numbers all around us!

Yum! Delicious cakes.

Some excellent maths skills being practised through cooking here!

More delicious cakes!

Catherine has been busy with her jobs and looking at how long things take. Great maths!

Some great maths skills being demonstrated here using lego and water!

Some super sorting of coins into different amounts.

Jigsaws, games, symmetry and more!

A super Supermarket idea!

More delicious baking! A great raining day maths activity.

Sorting out the change - great number work!

Tallys, steps and trips to America - lot's of wonderful maths!

I can't think of a better way to investigate volume!!

Some symmetry, times tables, patterns and spotting numbers around the home!

Alba has been super busy doing the maths tasks sent home.

Fantastic lunch, cake and teamwork!!

Some fantastic cooking, lego, money and map skills here...all using lots of maths!

A wonderful menu with some great calculations.

Another great menu and calculations from Jake!

Jess has worked out how much she will earn for different jobs!

This makes me want to visit Rhodes! Lots of brilliant maths to see here - click and have a read

Brilliant spotting of lines of symmetry!

Some amazing cakes being baked!

A brilliant job list with some pictures to show a lovely clean and tidy house! Well done.

Lego is great to develop maths skills!

Alba is a great entrepreneur and learning the three times table.