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Class 3

Baking, volume and symmetry - great maths!

Hatty has investigated volume and put it into a bar chart! She has also worked out some nutrition facts.

Oliver has look for maths all around his home.

Lego Ninjago Poster

A holiday to Australia anyone?

Ever dreamed of going to New Zealand...well Ella has it all worked out for you! Have a look at her fantastic Powerpoint...

Menus and cake - I am getting hungry!

Volume and lots of facts and research on New Zealand.

Some super sorting of coins into different amounts.

A menu from Cote Brasserie and an interesting game of Skyjo!

Baking a fruit cake..yummy!!

Accurately measure those ingredients..
Carefully pop it into the oven for required time..
Voila...I can smell it from here!!

Baking and earning some money! Fantastic maths!

Anna has been solving lots of exciting puzzles..

Anna has been doing lots of measuring with different types of containers...

A delicious menu from Ask with some fabulous calculations.

Some great maths here! And evidence of the money being earned!

Fancy a holiday to New Zealand?

Baking some delicious muffins

Taylor has worked out a price list for some jobs and calculated the cost of a trip to the Chinese restaurant.

Oliver has calculated how much his meal out would cost - great maths!

Baking! More great maths being used here.