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We hope you enjoying seeing all the things we get up to in Class 4. We will include photos and examples of work we do in class and any useful documents and letters. Full information on what the children will be learning this year can be found under the 'Key Information' button and then 'Curriculum'. Happy reading!

Python Programming

Class 4 worked hard to program a Turtle Race game in Python. We learnt how important accuracy is when using a text-based programming language. It was hard to 'debug' when things didn't go right! Here are some examples of their work:

Skittles Science

We had fun in science observing what happens when we added hot water to a plate of skittles - the results were amazing!

We had a fun maths lesson to remind us all about place value.

We met our buddies!

Science - September 2020

To kick off our 'Properties and Changes of Materials' topic, we had a go at Dancing Raisins.

This is a great investigation to see an interaction between the 3 states of matter - solid, liquid and gas. We wrote a prediction of what we thought would happen to the raisins when we put them in lemonade. Then we watched them dance and wrote down our observations. 

Dancing Raisins!

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Work from Class 4 2019-2020

Topic Grid Work (June-July)

Hi Class 4 - thank you for continuing to send in your topic work to me - click on the sunflowers below to see what you and your classmates have been doing!

Click on the flag below to see what your classmates have been doing at home for VE Day...

Topic Grid Work (April-May)

Hi Class 4. Thank you for all the fantastic work you've been sending across to me. I've really enjoyed looking at it. Click on the rainbows below to check out what your classmates have been doing.

Keep safe and keep working hard!

Miss Collings

A clay allotment - continuing a clay project he had started before lockdown.

Caitlyn's story

And more magic!

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Some more of our home learning!

Computing - Writing HTML

This half term (Feb/March), in Computing, Class 4 have been looking at HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language). This is the programming language used to create websites. Take a look at the links below for some jokes the children wrote and designed using HTML.

Their Chairs Have Quit!!!

Our cake sale raised an amazing £120 for the pre-school. Thank you everyone.

Year 5 visited the Houses of Parliament in October 2019

Mini Police - weeks 1-3

Class 4 are having a great time in their 'Mini Police' sessions. The PCSOs and Police Officers are brilliant.

In just 3 weeks they have learnt:

  • how to march in formation
  • how to tackle riots
  • how to take fingerprints
  • how to switch on the lights in a police car
  • what anti-social behaviour is

We can't wait for coming weeks!

We are reading Holes. We went outside and made a human circumference of the hole the inmates have to dig. We used the diameter and the radius to help and we converted from feet to meters.

Science - Light

Class 4 had to prove that light travels in straight lines by shining a torch through 3 pieces of card with small holes in the middle. They worked patiently to line up the holes and get the light shining on the back piece of card. 

We then drew scientific diagrams in our books to illustrate what we did...