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External Reports including OFSTED and academic results

Please find below our most recent Ofsted report, relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables and our most recent SIAS report. 

Academic Results 2018-2019

The government will not publish KS2 school level data for the 2021 to 2022 academic year. They have archived data from the 2018 to 2019 academic year because they recognise that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance.

SIAMS report 2018

We had our SIAMs inspection in February 2018.

I have picked out some of the key points that I believe are worth highlighting to make sure that everyone reads them….

‘There is a very strong partnership between parents and school, and parents are very aware of the school’s values and expectations.’

‘The headteacher models Christian values in her strong leadership.  This has led the whole school community to strive to make this school the best church school possible, serving the community with respect.’

‘A caring community exists at all levels.  The headteacher cares about every child and family in the school.’

‘Behaviour throughout the school is excellent showing respect at all levels…Pupils know they will be listened to and feel able to say how they feel.  Small acts of kindness occur every day and are common place…The mixed age classes have helped the school develop a strong culture of children looking after each other.  There is a very inclusive atmosphere and when small issues arise, they are resolved quickly so no-one feels left out.’

‘The Headteacher and governors ensure a fully inclusive approach where every individual is valued regardless of their point of entry into school.  Within a Christian context individual pupil achievements across the school are highly valued.’

‘The school’s relationship with the local church is very strong.  The vicar leads worship weekly with zeal.  He plays a key part in linking worship to the school’s Christian values and how these can influence the daily lives of pupils.’

What next?

The inspector has given us two points to work on...

-Governors should evaluate the school as a church school so that the extent of the impact of the school’s vision can be understood clearly to inform future planning.

Currently I work with Jonathan as a governor to evaluate the school as a Church school.  This term governors have started to evaluate the impact of the school’s vision through taking part in pupil led tours focussing on an element of the school’s vision statement.  We will continue to develop this work so that the whole governing body is fully involved in evaluating the school as a Church school.

-Develop questioning and recording in religious education in order to achieve a greater proportion of pupils attaining the highest levels.

This year we have implemented a new R.E. curriculum and are developing the assessment system to go alongside this.  The proportion of children reaching the highest levels of attainment in R.E. will increase as they work through the increased demands of this curriculum and as the new assessment system is fully implemented.

The area that we have worked on this year – our collective worship – remains outstanding and I am delighted that the work of the church council has been recognised in this area.  The current overall judgement is good which reflects that the school is currently implementing a new curriculum and assessment system.  These areas will be developed over the next few years under the incredibly strong leadership of Mrs Mowbray.

I am very proud to lead our school and believe that the report highlights how the church, the staff, the parents and the governors all work together to ‘strive to make this the best church school possible.’  I believe that when you read the report you will read the description of a school that you are glad that your child attends, one that values each child and one that has Christian values at its heart.