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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4


We hope you enjoying seeing all the things we get up to in Class 4. We will include photos from trips; examples of the work we do in class and any useful documents and letters. Happy reading!

Autumn Science Topic - Light

Class 4 have been doing lots of practical work in science this half term.


First, they had to prove that light travels in straight lines by shining a torch through 3 pieces of card with small holes in the middle. They worked very patiently to line up the holes and get the light shining on the back piece of card.


Next, we looked at reflecting light with mirrors. We made simple periscopes and had lots of fun looking over tables and chairs at hidden objects and friends!

Light travelling in straight lines

Class 4 tested their friends with maths challenges made out of things that they found outside

3D House Models Using SketchUp Make

Growth Mindset


We have been looking at Growth Mindset in Class 4 and how it can help us in all that we do, both in and out of school.


Growth Mindset is a way of thinking, learning and taking on challenges. A person with a Growth Mindset isn't afraid to make mistakes, in fact they see them as the opportunity to learn! They will listen to feedback; enjoy new challenges and show resilience when things get tough.


We have looked at the structure of the brain and how new connections are formed through making mistakes, trying new things and practising them over and over. We've thought about influential people who have shown a Growth Mindset and not given up on their goal.


We have created some posters for the classroom to remind us of how to think with a Growth Mindset take a look below...


We have been using concrete resources to reinforce our learning in maths. W used the diennes to help us understand column subtraction. We had to swap the ten for ten ones, the hundred for ten tens and so on. It was a little tricky when our neighbour had nothing to steal.