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Class 4

Melissa's volume home work 110 tablespoons to fill the jug 41 tablespoons to fill the milk bottle 24 tablespoons to fill the mug 20 tablespoons to fill the glass 8 tablespoons to fill the shot glass I used a jug a milk bottle a glass a mug and a shot glass. I used purple food dye to make it easier to see.

Alannah has created a very interesting presentation on maths in music.

Baking, a menu and some great volume work!

Board games, lego, menus and baking all by myself!

Rosie has created a PowerPoint all about Ibiza. There is so much maths involved in this holiday!

More baking - fabulous maths!

Puzzles, games and numbers all around us - looks fun Clara!

Alice made a wonderful cake!

Making 1.5 times the recipe! Great maths.

Clara's food diary

Volume and maths around us!

Lego, Nandos, baking, symmetry and maths all around us - you have been busy!

Ella-Ann has made a PPT all about New Zealand

Beatrice has calculated her steps for the year!

Measuring powder and making something chocolaty by the looks of it!

Melissa made a fantastic cake all by herself - I love the scales!

A great menu from Macdonald's - well done Josh

I would like a holiday in Hawaii! Thanks Violet.

Tomas has found maths all around him.

Arya has been busy making a symmetrical cake. Looks yummy.

Beatrice has completed some experiments with volume.

Rex has completed three jigsaws!

Alice has found lots of symmetry and so many places that use number within our homes.

Flapjack and calculations!

Violet has compared two restaurants and given them stars!

Amber has made a job list. Let us know how much you earn!

Toby had a family game of Monopoly - his big brother won.

Try out Rex's challenge - let me know if you can do it!

Fantastic lunch, cake and teamwork!

Ella-Ann has found lots of symmetry in her house.

Alice has worked out the cost for them to go to Wagamama including a discount and a tip!

Clara has laid out a business plan. Move over Alan sugar!

Alice has made a wonderful PowerPoint about Italy.

Alannah had planned a delicious meal in The Greyhound for her family!

Ella Ann has spotted lots of use of maths around us.

Bea has made a price list for her jobs around the house.

Rex has done some amazing work with volume, symmetry and his step count.

Clara has been busy! have a look at her meals out, symmetry and all about a holiday to Brazil.

Ella-Ann wants to visit the Thai Jasmine Restaurant - I hope the wine is not for her!

Rosie has worked out the cost of a meal at Giggling Squid. Yum.

This cake looks delicious!

Ella has looked at her meals to day and found lots of things around her home that use maths to work.

Clara has made some excellent conversions between her footsteps and the actual distance on the MUGA

Rex has created a PowerPoint all about Spain and given us a price list for his odd jobs

Bea trice has done some great research and maths around Hawaii.

Oscar has made some great symmetry with his Lego!

Arya has calculated the cost of a meal with her family.

Amber has done some great calculations for a trip to Nando's